MFK – Do the Right Thing!

English / Swedish, 2011

Handbook by Malmö Free University for Women (MFK) published for the exhibition “Do the right thing” at Konsthall C in Stockholm, spring 2011.

“A written a manual that tries to sum up the knowledge that we have acquired when working with MFK. Under the headings Start, Organization and Structure, Economy, Art, Strategic Separatism, Intersectionality, Radical Pedagogy and Utopia we have formulated our own definitions, clarified with concrete examples and experiences and collected practical tips. The book can be read front to back or by picking and choosing.

We have written this book with the aim to activate and spread knowledge and we hope that as many as possible will find it useful. We wish that you will use, ponder and exploit the manual for your own purposes.”

By using a graphic language from the financial world we wanted to show that dealing with topics such as intersectionality, feminism and collaborative practices can be simple and clear.





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